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Yoga Retreat, Sister Style

Last month I received a wonderful surprise from my sister and my husband; a plane ticket to visit my sister and a weekend yoga retreat! Let me tell you this was the best surprise ever! I got to spend the whole weekend with my sister and attend a Self Love yoga retreat at Wildflower Society in Lakeside, Montana. The weekend was much needed time with my sister. I was not as excited about the holiday season as I have been in the past, I felt something was missing without my sister coming home for Christmas so this time together was just what I needed.

We had such a WONDERFUL weekend! There was a lot of talking, smiles, laughter, and some tears. The retreat was hosted by Coty Austin who is the owner of Wildflower Society. She did a wonderful job incorporating different self reflection activities and art projects along with the yoga to round out the retreat and honor the Self Love theme. We did journaling and also a prayer flag activity to express our creative side.

This whole weekend and experience was one for the memory books. My sister and I used to prioritize sister days a couple times a year when we lived closer where we would get together for the whole day and do what ever we wanted. These days always included some fun activities such as hikes, laughter yoga, antique shopping, fajitas and margaritas and most importantly time together. Now that we live in different states we have to be more intentional in scheduling this time together and this was a good reminder of how important it is.

I am so grateful to have been able to experience this with my sister and have that special time together. Thank you to my husband, my sister and Coty for the wonderful week to recharge and re-center.

Coty has a beautiful location for her studio! Check out that view of the mountains from the windows in the studio. And below is the inside of the studio. Next time you are in Montana, look her up and attend a yoga class or a retreat. Her website is; www.wildflowersociety.com